Friday, November 28, 2014


It was three chairs for Bob and Joyce at 7th and Montana last week as they started a new trend at Our Favorite Starbucks:  Bring your own chairs.  Why?  Because bit-by-bit over the last several months the Starbucks 'patio' chairs have been disappearing ... and those that remain are so old they're practically growing rusticles.  Folks have complained, both locally and via the Starbucks website, but so far no one has done anything about it.  Some blame the city, saying there are certain restrictions on outdoor seating.  This may be true, but it doesn't explain why chairs that have broken or gone missing at Starbucks haven't been replaced.  I ran a count this morning, comparing the outdoor seating at Starbucks with other cafes with the same amount of sidewalk space on Montana and the discrepancies are striking:  Our Favorite Starbucks has only 10 chairs left outside.  Peet's, just blocks away, has nearly twice that amount and Groundworks -- are you sitting down? -- has a whopping 51 chairs outside, plus a bench that seats three.  Perhaps we should alert the Starbucks Chair Man ...?