Thursday, May 16, 2013


Ever wonder where the Loons flock to when they're not at 7th and Montana?  They head several blocks southwest to the Starbucks on Wilshire.  News reports this morning suggest that an Anonymous Nutcase -- a visitor from Hollywood -- walked up to a fellow customer and began punching the top of his head for no apparent reason.  Then he skedaddled out the door and into the waiting arms of the police who arrested him on charges of battery.  Maybe it's time this Nutcase switched to something without caffeine.  How's about a nice, Hawaiian Punch ...?


Rose said...

Glad he was greeted by the Police.


How is you Dad?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Marty-
How is your Father doing, I hope he is making improvement.
Hoper your family hs a nice Memorial Day!
Looking forward to reading some new entertainment from the coffee shop!

Anonymous said...

your an idiot

Anonymous said...

and loons?? really? look in the mirror and go home marty!! and thats not california!!