Monday, May 27, 2013


My family has a lot to be thankful for this Memorial Day.  My father is slowly continuing his recovery, step-by-step.  Literally, he is learning how to walk and talk again thanks to six hours of intense therapy a day at his new rehab facility.  Today, he went outside to celebrate Memorial Day, complete with flags that my nephew Jackson made for the family back in Boston.  They even formed their own parade around the grounds at the rehab center.

When I look back over the past few months, I'm amazed at how far my father has come.  He can talk now, but he has trouble carrying on an in-depth conversation.  I think if he could fully express himself, he'd say we have to treasure each moment, appreciate our loved ones, honor our heroes not just today, but every day.  My father is fighting hard to come back to us -- "We won't be defeated!," he told my mom -- and I know he means it.  That makes him a hero in my book!


Anonymous said...

Hi Marty,
So glad your father is making steady improvement along with your amazingly positive family & wonderful therapist all rallying together to help your father on a path back to recovery. I would say everyone is a hero.
Thanks for sharing your fathers recovery.

Paula said...

Good to see you here again and yes your father is a hero and all the people who are helping him on his recovery.

Ken Riches said...

Encouraging! Glad he is doing better.

Anonymous said...

your family?? really.. why dont you go back to them and leave california.. you dont belong here