Sunday, February 19, 2006


Oscar Fever settled into Santa Monica this morning as our own "Academy" at 7th and Montana nominated its favorite chair -- better known as "Brokeback Butt" -- for a Lifetime Achievement Award.  For obvious reasons, the chair in question (pictured here) has been relegated to a Supporting Role in an unused corner of the Starbucks parking lot.  Perhaps the elephant from the nearby Ashes and Snow exhibit sat on it?

In other local news, Kathy (with a "K") accurately noted this morning that my recent post -- offering a link to an online revenge service -- was "Bad Karma."  Far be it from me to tempt fate.  To balance the scales, I hereby offer two more positive links. is a new online service allowing you to send Spa treatments to your loved ones.  The company was founded by Peter, a 7th and Montana newcomer from Italy.  And for some real positive vibes, here's a link to a site that is specifically designed to generate Good Karma:  Click Here for Good Karma.  This site encourages visitors to download a special Mantra ("Om Mani Padme Hum") to "electronically purify" their souls as well as their hard drives.  Naturally, I've avoided any actual downloads from this site -- and encourage you to do the same.  Internet Viruses can be pretty Bad Karma, indeed.  In any case, my apologies for linking to that tasteless "revenge-o-gram" site several days ago.  As penance, I will return to 7th and Montana this afternoon to sit in the "Brokeback Butt" chair for no less than one hour while slowly munching a Cranberry Bran Bar in the rain!

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