Sunday, July 30, 2006


Move over Bobby Shriver, Jenna Linnekens is running for Santa Monica City Council and she hit the campaign trail this morning at 7th and Montana.  While she seems to have a good command of the issues ranging from the homeless problem to our educational infrastructure, she didn't have much command of her dog, Dante, who got loose and barked up a storm.  Thank God she's not running for Dog Catcher!


jennalinnekens said...

My candidacy is based on balance, common sense and unity. I believe it is time for new priorities promoting better quality of life for our community. We must address the issues that are most important: Vagrancy, Public Safety, Planning and Land Use and Education while improving the overall Quality of life in Santa Monica.I am a strong candidate and a sensible choice.

jennalinnekens said...

Check out my website at and

martygord said...

Hi Jenna,  You got my vote!!