Saturday, June 22, 2013


I've been working in Hong Kong for the past week and -- just for the record -- I've been getting more adventurous when it comes to ordering off the menu.  Yesterday at lunch, for example, I decided to branch out and try one of the food stalls at Hong Kong Science Park.  The menu was all in Chinese, so I had to rely on the man behind the counter to translate for me.

Food Stall Employee:  Hi there, are you hungry for lunch?
Me:  You bet.  What's the special today?
Food Stall Employee:  It's something very wonderful.  You'll love it.  Let me show you. (He smiles, dips a pair of tongs into a cauldron of bubbling water and pulls out a hermetically sealed plastic pouch).
Me:  What is that?
Food Stall Employee:  Crocodile Stew with Fresh Lotus Leaves.
Me:  See ya later, alligator ...!

Today I found a restaurant in Kowloon that makes chicken salad with a twist ... of the neck, that is.  They serve the chicken head alongside a garnish of skin on a plate of dark, leafy greens.  I was too chicken to order it ...!


Beth said...

Oh dear. I'm pretty adventurous when it comes to trying new foods, but I would have a hard time with those! I MIGHT consider the croc stew, though!

Anonymous said...

Smart Move on your part, Marty. Best to be S A F E, than S O R R Y!

Ken Riches said...

I agree on the croc stew, but would not want a chicken glaring at me all meal :o)

Anonymous said...

im sorry but thats so gross.. im really ill

Anonymous said...

why would you publish that... there is something wrong with you marty!!