Thursday, November 24, 2005


The Turkey of the Year award this Thanksgiving goes to none other than frequent Starbucks gadfly "Mr. Slumlord."  To many of us, Mr. Slumlord -- exposed today in the Los Angeles Times as "one of Los Angeles' most notorious (slum)lords" -- is perhaps better known as a petty umbrella thief.  However, today's news -- Lawyer Alleges City Atty. Donor Deal - Los Angeles Times -- suggests something far more sinister might be at play.  According to previous local reports, Mr. Slumlord, who once played guard on the University High School football team, describes himself as "tough but scrupulous, a man whose life work is saving old buildings from decay."  You can read more about Mr. Slumlord here:  State Moves to Pull Real Estate License of L.A. Landlord - Los Angeles Times and here:  KTLA The WB | Where Los Angeles Lives | Alleged Slumlords Donated to Delgadillo.  Promotional literature depicting Mr. Slumlord as a hero can be found here:  Success in Bricks - from Zero to 27 Buildings in 16 Years.  Happy Turkey Day, Mr. Slumlord.  Next time bring your own umbrella!

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