Thursday, March 10, 2011


It was Carpe Diem -- or "Seize the Day" -- in Barcelona on Tuesday as I spent the day at a press event talking about the next generation of consumer electronics devices -- and how they will all work together -- then made the scene at a dinner at one of the nicest spots in the city. First, the event: My company hosted hundreds of journalists from all over the world, briefing them on everything from the latest innovations in television and audio-video products to green, environmentally friendly products. My role was to answer questions about "interoperability," new ways that products such as connected TVs will work together with tablets, PCs, cell phones, and audio-video systems. For example, through a new Smart TV service we developed -- and a special iPad/iPhone and Android application -- you can control a number of different products and stream content from one device to another. You can also enjoy video-on-demand movies and TV content from the Internet or record your favorite shows. After the event, we hosted a dinner party at Carpe Diem, an Asian-style hot spot on the Mediterranean, along Barcelona's popular Marina Beach. We had a special guest performer, Jazz artist Benjamin Herman (pictured above) and his band. All in all, I'd say we seized the day pretty nicely ...!

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