Saturday, November 3, 2012


Sometimes I wish we had an Election Protection program at 7th and Montana.  It would work just like Witness Protection except that it would give us respite from politicians who like to press the flesh this time of year.  "I'm Jimmy Bupkiss and I'm all about change."  Actually, yesterday I sort of brought this on myself.  I don't know the local candidates and usually try to get advice from someone who does, Our Favorite Ex-City Councilman.  I asked him yesterday for his picks for City Council and he helped me out.  Then he asked me who I was voting for on the School Board.  "That's an area I know nothing about, but I made some guesses," I replied.  "Well," he replied, looking at my sample ballot, "You made the right choice.  Let me introduce you to Seth Jacobson."  It was then that I noticed someone was standing next to him.  "Nice to meet you," I said, "You have my support."  Truth be told, I picked him almost randomly -- he was identified as a public policy advisor which I thought might be helpful -- and he does seem like a smart guy.  And, also a plus, he wasn't walking from table-to-table with a clipboard.  Anyhow, from now until Election Day, if I see any other local candidates at Starbucks, I'm going to run for office myself.  My office, that is, in Playa Vista ...!


Ken Riches said...

Sounds like a good strategy.

Beth said...


Boy, am I ever going to be glad when this is done. I've had about all I can take.