Thursday, November 1, 2012


It was a daily dose of doily at 7th and Montana on Sunday as an Attractive Young Newcomer made the scene wearing what appeared to be a doily around her waist.  "Is it my imagination, or is she wearing a doily?," I asked.  Cathy chuckled.  "That's a doily, alright" she replied, "But I doubt any of your readers would know what a doily is."  A doily, according to, is "any small, ornamental mat, as of embroidery or lace" or "a small napkin, as one used during a dessert course."  Years ago, doilies were used to protect wooden furniture, but seeing one now, reincarnated as a dress, made me think of a cross between Arsenic and Old Lace and the Mod Squad.  To the fashion plate responsible, I have just one comment, it's not a bad look, but Whistler's Mother called and she wants her napkin back!


Paula said...

I beg Cathy's pardon, I know quite well what a doily is. In fact I think I have one or two put away.

Beth said...

I have a doily crocheted by my Aunt Gertrude, and it is on the back of my rocking chair! I never thought of trying to wear it, though. Hmmm. :)