Friday, May 18, 2007



Local residents were stumped this morning on news that yet another Towering Eucalyptus on 7th Street is destined for the scrap heap.  The tree in question, by the Northwest corner of 7th and Marguerita, has been "red tagged" for removal in a matter of days.  Evidently, mold on its roots has left the specimen particularly prone to toppling over!  


kattytrick said...

Here in the valley (Turlock, Calif to be exact) we have had much of the same problem, with the exception that it was our older Oak Trees. There weresome problems also with the Almond trees as well. Problem is though, The Almonds are the  source of income for a lot of the valley farmers (not good) But, if the county and thr farmers don't stay on top of the problem, it could...and would...and Has wipped out entire Orchards... I myself love trees. They are each so very unique. As a child, my mother tells me that I used to pick and bring home great big boukets of different shaped and colored leaves in stead of flowers like other kids would do... I still feel the same way about them... (no I'm not a tree but loosing your Eucalyptus will no doubt take some getting used to. The sky-line will never be the same sad huh?...Later.....Kittie

gazker said...

Is this not just a trick by the council, its cheaper to chop em down rather than look after them properly.