Sunday, May 20, 2007



It was "Rhoda to the Rescue" this morning as Emmy-Award winning Television Actress Valerie Harper -- perhaps best known for playing Rhoda Morgenstern on "The Mary Tyler More Show" -- defended the crowd at 7th and Montana from yet another Blabbering Psychopath.  The fun began when the Psychopath-in-Question snuck up behind me with a burning question:  "How do I stop my cell phone from beeping?  It's driving me crazy."  Just as I was preparing to suggest he try another cell -- preferably a padded one -- Harper saved the day.  "You need to leave, now," she said.  "These people are trying to drink their coffee in peace."  She even gave him $2.00 to go away.  Now that's what I call a Class Act.  Harper most recently starred in the hit play "Golda's Balcony" on Broadway.  As for the Psychopath, he was last seen wandering aimlessly around 7th Street with a bouquet of roses.

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gazker said...

I loved her on that show, she even ended up with her own called Rhoda!