Wednesday, May 23, 2007



They have a saying here in Maui -- "Ohe Puki Eki e Ke Ho Ao Ia e Pi i" -- which, roughly translated, means "No cliff is so tall that it cannot be scaled."  My experience tonight proves otherwise.  Following a nice dinner with a group of colleagues, a number of us decided to try walking  back to the hotel.  In our defense, I should point out that there are no street lights in Kapalua and it was a pitch black evening.  Don't ask me why, but one of the movie industry's brightest minds suggested that we take a detour through a golf course ("It's easy ... I played this course today ... we just have to cut through the 16th hole ...").  Three sprinklers, two sandtraps and one fence later, we ended up in somebody's back yard.  By the time we sloshed our way back to civilization, the rest of our group was ready to call out a search party!          

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gazker said...

LOLOL nightmare, you must have had such a busy day, no wonder you lost your way!
Gaz ;-)