Saturday, May 5, 2012


It was a collective cry of "Eureeeka" this morning at 7th and Montana as word spread of a surprising, new discovery:  The local residence otherwise known as Casa del Bozo for its topsy-turvy twists and turns will be featured tomorrow in a special home tour of Santa Monica.  "Can it be?," I asked, "Is this some sort of joke?"  Local real estate agents assure me it's all true.  They've even broken out the Real Estate Dictionary to prepare some carefully-worded answers to commonly asked questions:

Q:  The home seems to be rusting before our very eyes.  Those brown streaks running from top to bottom, isn't that rust?!?

A:  Heavens, no.  It's weathering.

Q:  I see.  Then what's with the mottled, brown sheet metal exterior on the third floor?

A:  It's called Character, my friend.  Come, take a closer look.  You've had your tetanus shots, haven't you?

Q:  I think so.  While we're on the topic, why would someone paint their home such a blindingly bright shade of Perriwinkle Blue?

A:  Ahh, you noticed.  It makes a bold statement, eh?

Q:  I'll say!  Is it safe to get closer?  The house seems a bit unbalanced and lopsided with all those twists and turns.

A:  Don't think of it as "unbalanced," think of it as a sort of Architectural Scoliosis."  We in the industry like to call it the Weeble Home.  Trust me, it might Wobble, but it won't fall down!

Q:  Isn't that a shame.  I'm sorry, I can't go on with the tour any further.  Just looking at this place is enough to drive me batty.

A:  Then have no fear, my friend, you've come to the right place!     



Beth said...

I hope we get a chance to see it when we're out there! At least from the outside...not sure we could handle the interior!

Marty said...

Hi Beth -- We'll save you a ringside seat! Looking forward to your visit!