Saturday, June 16, 2012


It was a cat-a-strophe of epic proportions this week at 7th and Montana as an Unfortunate Newcomer mounted a desperate search for her missing cat, a black and gray tabby named Lulu.  She posted a sign offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to Lulu's return, but the sign itself disappeared one day later.  That's because a Crusty Curmudgeon pulled up in a White Geo Metro, whipped out an Exacto Knife and ripped the sign away faster than you can say "Grinch."  I called him on it.  "Can I assume the cat has been found?," I asked.  "No," he hissed, "But these signs are unacceptable.  If we allow one, we have to allow them all and before you know it ..."  "There won't be any lost pets?," I interrupted.  "It's unsightly," he barked.  Clearly, this guy had a major Pet Peeve.  "What if it was your cat," I asked, "Wouldn't you want it returned?"  But he just jumped back into his car and slammed the door.  "What's the matter?," I called, "Cat got your tongue?!?"  Lulu was last seen on Saturday near the corner of 16th and Georgina wearing a green collar.  


Sonya Cox said...

Too bad there is no APP weapon for people like that. lol

Paula said...

Our lost dog signs have gone up to 5,000 reward money.

Ken Riches said...

He deserves a case of Cat Scratch Fever.