Monday, August 13, 2012


It was a taste of Armageddon at 7th and Montana yesterday as an Anonymous Loon made the scene, intent on giving us all a nonsensical sermon.  "Apocalypse ... Apocalypse ... Apocalypse ... Apocalypse ...!," she shouted at the top of her lungs, spewing fire and brimstone with every breath.  "Gimme 2o million dollars," she added, before continuing on a rant of Biblical Proportions.  "I talk like Jesus.  I walk like Jesus!," she yelled, "But if you talk shit to me, I'll talk shit right back at you!"  I guess, unlike Jesus, she doesn't believe in turning the other cheek.  She went on and on, screaming and rasping about the end of days before finally hopping on her bike and disappearing up 7th Street.  "That was refreshing!," I said.  And I meant it, too.  I just wish her Apocalypse were sealed ...!


Beth said...

The "end is near" crazies are always the most fun!

Ken Riches said...

No, give ME $20 meelllion dollars :o)