Sunday, August 12, 2012


Hot Dogs were on the menu today at 7th and Montana, thanks to an Anonymous Matron who plopped a bag containing an adorable Shih-tzu on the sidewalk and left it in the broiling sun for at least 20-minutes.  "Talk about Red Rover," I thought, "This woman ought to be turned-in to the authorities."  The dog sat there in the bag, roasting in its own juices, while the Matron enjoyed her cappuccino in air-conditioned comfort.  Finally, just as a number of us were going to perform an intervention, the Matron emerged and whisked her beloved pet away.  All I can say is, that Old Bag is full of Shit-zu ...! 


Ken Riches said...

She could have at least put the bag under the umbrella in the shade :o(

Paula said...

It may be her pet but I don't think it is beloved.

Anonymous said...

Oh,the poor dog, it needs to have water and shade.
Someone should have chained the owner to a table and let her stand in the sun and see how she likes it, before she passes out.