Sunday, February 17, 2013


It was eXtreme;  It was eXcessive;  It was ineXcusable.  It was a Triple X morning at 7th and Montana today as an Anonymous Pervert made the scene wearing a suggestive leather jacket.  "Oh, good, there you are," said Robin, rushing to my side, "I just got a photo for you.  Get a load of that guy's jacket."  The Pervert, a man in his mid-forties, wore a white leather jacket with an insignia on the back depicting a nearly naked woman on her hands and knees.  "Gee, isn't that wholesome," I said, adding, "Correction ... make that G-String!"  Kathy was quick to look-up the Italian word "Pecorina," which appeared above the illustration.  "It means doggie style," she chuckled.  As for me, I kept trying to think of a suitable blog headline, but was at a loss for words.  Robb and Robin promised to give it some more thought on their way to church.  Twenty minutes later, they texted me from the pew with Robb's suggestion:  "StarbuXXX!," he said.  "Love it!," I replied, "Now maybe you should focus on the sermon!"  As for the Pervert, for all I know he went to church, too.  Afterall, he's definitely one of those Porn Again types ...!