Wednesday, February 5, 2014


It's common knowledge that Mafia Kingpin Whitey Bulger spent nearly 16 years hiding out near 7th and Montana, but few people know he left behind an evil twin.  Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Whitey Folger, a man whose own notorious deeds have been percolating at Our Favorite Starbucks for months now.  Every morning he asks a Barista for a cup of hot water.  Then, almost under their very noses, he pulls a jar of Folgers Crystals out of his backpack and makes his own coffee, using their water.  "Ahhhh," he said, as I looked on in astonishment, "This is the life!"  He deserves the life, alright ... a life sentence in Folgers State Prison!

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Lynne said...

I'm a bit surprised they did not charge him for the cup because that is what other establishments have done in the past. I'm a bit upset with an employee of Starbucks and the Management over their handling of a disabled vet. They can give a free cup to this guy but gave one of Vets a difficult time about entering their store because he had his disabled service dog with him. Amazing!