Sunday, June 1, 2014


The crowd at 7th and Montana was 'Down in the Dumps' this week as evidence mounted that the city's new recycling effort -- the installation of solar powered trash and recycling bins -- is a sham.  Starting last year, Santa Monica spent a small fortune to install a series of Big Belly trash and recycling containers in highly-visible locations all over town.  The concept is intriguing:  You just put your recyclables in a solar -powered container, and they are automatically compacted and stored until the City can collect them.  A built-in sensor even alerts the sanitation department when it's trash collection time.  Kim Braun -- Santa Monica's resource recovery and recycling manager -- crowed about the program in media interviews last year:  Solar Powered Trash Cans Talk to the City.  The only problem is, ever since these high-fallutin' trash cans were installed on Montana Avenue, witness after witness has seen the trash collectors mix recyclables with other trash and haul it all away together.  One worker, when asked about it, simply said, "Sorry, we don't have the proper trash bags to actually recycle."  Do town officials think we're all so Green that we won't notice a hoax when we see one?  Or are they too busy doing media interviews on how Green we are to clean up their act ...? 

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