Sunday, December 4, 2005

E.R.: The Starbucks Edition ...

The caffeine crowd was buzzing today on reports that one of our favorite Baristas, Nada, took a nasty spill and had to be rushed from 7th and Montana to the emergency room.  At precisely 7:10 this morning, a slip-up on the part of a new Assistant Manager in Training set off a chain of events leading Nada to slip-up herself, fall to the floor and injure her shoulder.  In an exclusive, on-the-scene interview, Nada (see Photo #1), was the picture of heroism as she recounted the incident at length.  As for the Assistant Manager in Training, who left a wet rubber mat in a precarious position behind the counter, we're taking bets on his future.

Meanwhile, as if to say "Nada mas," neighborhood news hound Dennis could be seen trying to get a copy of The Los Angeles Times out of the machine as if his life depended on it (See Photo #2).  Sorry, Dennis, I guess no news is good news ... !

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