Saturday, June 12, 2010


My hotel here in Las Vegas -- the Palazzo at the Venetian -- is the largest hotel in the world. Deep inside the 7,000-room complex, they've recreated the streets of Venice including historic San Marco square, where canals and shops wind their way amidst casinos and meeting rooms, beneath a fake sky. It's all a bit creepy. The real San Marco square is famous for its pigeons. Thousands of them flock there to hang out with the tourists. The fake San Marco square plays host to one lone pigeon (pictured above) which somehow found its way into the hotel yesterday. Personally, I think it adds a touch of realism ... but if you ever find yourself here, two words of advice: (1) Don't order the hot chocolate with marshmallows and (2) Avoid standing for too long in one place!


garnett109 said...

What , We have no bananas?

Lynne said...

and don't buy extra head-and-shoulders because that aint dandruff!

Paula said...

It took a second for the words of advice to sink in. Oh well I don't guess I'll be going there anytime soon. Who would feed the turtles?