Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I like Social Media as much as the next guy, but have you ever wondered whether something’s been lost in the mad rush to Facebook, whether we’re all just tweeting our lives away? If, like me, you still value a real person-to-person connection, then check out Robin’s new website,, an online boutique featuring all kinds of gifts ranging from greeting cards to placemats. Like Robin herself, the site “nurtures gratitude and uplifts the spirit.” Her handmade greeting cards, especially the Thank You notes, are enough to make anyone feel grateful. Maybe that’s Robin's strategy, to get us all hooked on thankfulness. I could easily imagine the following exchange: “Thank you for that beautiful Thank You note.” “No, Thank You for thanking me for that Beautiful Thank You note with such a nice Thank You card.” And so on, in an endless loop of gratitude and customer retention ...!


Paula said...

I just can't get into facebook. Would people really care what I'm cooking or eating or if I'm going to Wal*Mart. Hummm maybe people don't care if I'm going to the ranch to feed the cattle and the turtles either.

Mark and Elayne said...

Thanks for the link, I shall check it out. And Paula; I would love to hear about life on a ranch.