Monday, February 6, 2012


I'll never win any awards for photography, but at least I garnered something this morning. Jennifer Garner, that is. The beautiful actress made the scene at 7th and Montana today with a Parade of Paparazzi in her wake. Actually, the Paparazzi hovered in their usual spot -- the Parking Lot from Hell -- while Jennifer cooled her heels inside. "Sheesh," I said, watching the photographers get into position, "Those blood-sucking leeches will stop at nothing to get a photo. Have they no shame?" Seriously, one has to wonder what kind of low-life spends his time hanging around the Starbucks parking lot waiting for photo opportunities. Jennifer's next movie -- Butter -- is due out on March 16th, but that's hardly her biggest premiere this season. Her third child is due this Spring ...!


Rose said...

Unfortunately, movies stars want to get noticed when they are up and coming and then when they hit it big......they have no privacy whatsoever. It is terrible that it has become part of the territory of their profession that they chose.

garnett109 said...

help me out here will ya?
The other day whilst in barnes and noble, visited the in store starbucks , ask for a coffee cream and sugar, got this powerful burnt tasting cup of crud, what gives?
What should've I ask for?
Scared to go back !

Paula said...

Aren't you glad you don't have to hang around that parking lot to get a shot?