Friday, April 6, 2012


It was a Good Friday today at 7th and Montana as a Scraggly Newcomer made the scene, dressed in rags with greasy hair and a long beard. At first he didn't make much of an impression, but -- boy, howdy-- did he attract a crowd when he tore off his shirt and mounted a cross in front of Saint Monica's Church. "Good God," I said, "Is this normal?" Another man meanwhile mounted another a cross nearby. I was in my car, racing to FedEx, but vowed to return with my Spycam. Unfortunately, by the time I made it back to the church, both men were gone. All that remained was a group of little old ladies. "What was going on here?," I asked. "It was a service," explained one of the women. "Really?!?," I replied, "Does this happen all the time?" "It was a first as far as I know," said the woman. "Thanks," I said, "And what was with the other cross ... why did that African American guy join Jesus in the service?" "I take it you don't know the Good Book," said the woman, disapprovingly, "That was one of the Thieves who suffered with Jesus." "Hmmm," I said, "Sounds like a little Racial Profiling if you ask me ... " But the woman wasn't listening. She clearly had other things on her mind. "Young man," she said, "What are you doing on Sunday ... why don't you come to a real Easter Service and see it all for yourself?" Being more of an Old Testament kind of guy, I politely declined. But to all those who choose to hang around at Saint Monica's, Happy Easter ...!


Paula said...

Hey been missing you. Happy Easter.

Webster said...

Just decided to take a blog vacation, eh? Missed you. Happy Passover!