Monday, September 17, 2012


Greetings from London, where I arrived safe and sound yesterday just in time for dinner, followed by a morning meeting and a quick trip back to Los Angeles (where I land in time for another meeting).  All I can say is I hope I have more privacy at dinner tonight than I did last night.  The woman above was seated at the table next to mine -- with barely three inches between our tables.  I didn't have any problem with it until the check came and I put my credit card on the table.  The restaurant didn't have the usual folder to put a credit card in for security purposes, just a silver tray.  No sooner did I put my card on the tray then the woman whipped out her mobile phone and seemed to point it towards my credit card.  I know a spycam maneuver when I see one, and I think she might have been trying to take a quick photo of my card.  I immediately pulled the tray away from her, turned my card over and whipped out my own Spycam.  Pretending to make a phone call, I said, "Hi, it's me ... just wanted to catch up with you ... did you get the photo?  (brief pause).  Great, isn't it amazing how quickly photos can end up with the authorities these days? ... and thank God for that facial recognition technology.  (brief pause).  Thanks again, will keep you posted."  I'm not sure if she was up to something, but better safe than sorry ...!


Lynne said...

You're right to be cautious, because identify theft is huge these days. Good come back....!

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