Friday, September 28, 2012


'Barnacle Bess,' the local eccentric with a heart of gold, paid me an interesting compliment on Sunday.  "I like your costume," she said.  "Costume?!?," I thought, looking at my usual weekend duds.  "Just getting an early start on Halloween," I replied, "But enough about me.  Your outfit looks brand new!"  I could say this with confidence, knowing that a large, purple price tag was dangling from her sunglasses.  "Oh, thanks," she said, "It's always good to shake things up a bit!"  As for the price tag, she wears it proudly -- sort of like a modern-day Minnie Pearl -- to avoid that her sunglasses get lost in the shuffle.  A little individuality never hurt anyone, I always say ...!


Beth said...

Well, that was...nice?...of her to say!

Paula said...

My kind of gal, that Bess.

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