Friday, June 20, 2014


Sirens were blaring near Our Favorite Starbucks this week as police finally responded to mounting evidence of a scandal at 608 Georgina.  Here’s the poop:  For weeks, someone has been depositing little plastic bags filled with dog poop in a fenced-off area intended to protect a palm tree during construction.  The bags have been piling-up, layer-upon-layer, faster than you can say Shit Mountain.  No sooner does one batch petrify, than another accumulates on top of it.  Police have been nosing around for days now trying to identify a suspect known among locals as ‘the Poopmeister.’  Some say he’s just trying to get attention, but I think he has a loftier goal in mind.  He’s building a Stairway to Paradise … with a new step every day!


Lynne said...

Laziness in action there...shame on the poopmeister, hope they catch up with him and assign the appropriate detail or fine on him. At least he puts it in a bag though and doesn't just throw it over the fence. I guess there is that...ewwww!

Back Porch Writer said...

Perhaps they should place a trash can near by. But he/she probably would not use it. Trying to make a statement I guess?

Been 2 years since the trip to LA. Time flies. So glad that I now say I've been there! Just stopping by to say "hi".