Monday, May 19, 2008



Our Favorite Starbucks has always been a Mecca for Colorful People, but one group that made the scene last week really takes the cake.  I knew something was up when Terry turned to me and said very quietly, "You might want to get in position with your camera."  Moments later, a parade of women walked by, each wearing an outfit that was more brightly colored than the next.  First came "Rotund Rhonda," practically busting out of a dress so "dazzlingly" green it looked like she poured it on, straight out of a beaker in Dr. Frankenstein's Lab.  Then came "Patty Pink," glowing in a Neon Ensemble that must have been designed for her by Chernobyl & Co.  One by one they walked into Starbucks, a shiny, glittery Rainbow of Bad Taste.  "They must be on their way to a wedding," said Joyce, dryly.  "Yes," I responded, "I hear it's a Same Sex Marriage:  The union of Polly and Esther ...!"


garnett109 said...

is that legal in your state?
Polyester I mean!

beckiepainton said...

Thanks for the inspiration ive got 3 weddings this year and was wondering what to wear.This is most definately not what i had in mind.Beckie x

amy122389 said...

That pink is horrific, but maybe it hides a multitude of flaws?  (I know, I doesn't hide nearly enough of them...)


rdautumnsage said...

They would of fit in with the debacle my daughter's wedding was...Sigh...Why not it couldn't be any more hoe down or done up one way or another. (Hugs) Indigo