Saturday, June 18, 2011


NATO forces were nowhere to be found this morning at 7th and Montana as a dead ringer for embattled Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi made the scene, no doubt intent on establishing a new base of operations. "Good God," I said, "Is that who I think it is?!?" The dictator was traveling incognito. He wore a black leather jacket and matching cap with dark sunglasses which -- combined with his frizzy black hair, pencil thin mustache and pockmarked face -- left no doubt as to his identity. I reached for my Spycam but was seconds too late. Gaddafi marched up 7th Street as though he were leading a military procession. "Did you get him?," asked David. "Not yet," I replied, "But stay tuned." I chased the fiend up 7th Street and caught up with him just as he was entering his getaway vehicle, a slightly used white Nissan Sentra. The purpose of his mission at Our Favorite Starbucks remains unclear, but rumor has it he's smuggling Apple Fritters to his forces in Tripoli. Now that's what I call heavy artillery ...!

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Paula said...

LOL in hot south Texas.