Sunday, June 12, 2011


Neighbor Robin proved once again yesterday that she's the Queen of Multitasking at 7th and Montana as she simultaneously texted and talked on the phone. "Wow, I'm impressed, she's doing at least two things at once," I said. "Make that three," said Robb, helpfully, "She's also sweating like a pig ... we just finished working out." "That's incredible," I said, whipping out my spycam, "It must be a new world's record!" Just then, Robin took note of her surroundings. "Did you just take my picture?," she asked. I changed the subject. "We're just marveling at how well you multi-task," I said, "It's amazing that you can do three things at once." Something tells me she'll soon be adding a fourth activity to the list: Throwing my Spycam off the Santa Monica Pier ...!

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