Monday, September 17, 2007



Ever since the Boston Tea Party, Americans have made it clear that we prefer coffee over tea.  I guess the message has finally taken root here in London, where Starbucks is quietly staging a revolution of its own.  It seems like everywhere you turn in this city there's another Starbucks -- even one right next door to Fortnum & Mason where -- let's face it -- they know a thing or two about High Tea.  For their part, the British seem unphased by it all.  For example, at the Starbucks near my hotel at the corner of Goodge and Charlotte, a sign by the door reads, "Did You Know ... Frederick the Great Enjoyed His Coffee with Champagne and Mustard ...!"  While the British prefer a menu of their own -- including a "Chickpea Filafel Flatbread" that makes the Apple Fritters at 7th and Montana look downright appealing -- a Grande Drip is a Grande Drip wherever you go ...!


ab45yui said...

As long as they have passion tea with raspberry, I'm okay with it.  The danishes (or lack thereof) would be inconsquential, lol.  I wonder if they have them in GE, and what the pastry line up would be?  I remember when I lived there, their idea of sweets was not as appealing to me, lol.  

tenyearnap said...

Actually, if I had to give up either coffee or tea, I would keep my tea. No hesitation. --Cin

beckiepainton said...

ive never heard of a Chickpea Filafel Flatbread, i even had to copy and paste it!! I like a cup of tea in the morning then its coffee most of the day, just to keep my sleep seprived mind in some sort of order, then a cup of tea in the evening, if im not working. I never drink tea or coffee at work cus the kitchen is minging.(A british term for disgusting).I dare you to go into starbucks and tell them their Chickpea Filafel Flatbread  is minging. ming rhyms with ting, if you say minge, thats the lower parts of the female anatomy, and you will probaly be arrested. Beckie x

mpnaz58 said...

Just could never see the attraction of tea...but then I live on this side of the pond.  Isn't food quite bland in London??  And doesn't it always rain there??
xoxo ~Myra

gazker said...

Chickpea Filafel Flatbread? Trust me, it knocks spots off the apple fitters in 7th and Montana. Now......... in the reflection of starbucks is Pret a manger. Next time you go to London Get your coffee and a sandwich from there.......... To die for honestly!
I can't believe, you were so close to Charlotte street and didn't eat there. Loads of Bloody good places to eat Marty.
As for Myra's comments about bland food.  You can actualy get very food food in London, when she says bland, does she mean it's not full of fat, sugar and salt, with loads of addatives? If that's the case, yeah, it is pretty bland ;-)