Sunday, February 24, 2008



Barista Robb and Robin greeted me at Our Favorite Starbucks this morning with some startling news.  "Welcome Back," said Robb, "We've made some changes in your absence ... let's see if you can figure them out."  Apparently, at the direction of Starbucks Headquarters, they've replaced the counter at 7th and Montana with a collection of new bistro tables and chairs.  "See what happens," Robb noted, "You turn your back for one minute and we start making changes."  In other news, Actress Keri Russell made the scene this week with her baby, River, and a Gaggle of Paparazzi in tow.  According to Robin, the popular actress ordered a cappuccino-to-go and tried to remain incognito as she walked home.  She made it as far as the front door of my condo before turning to face the photographers, calling them a bunch of "Lame, F--cking A--holes" and continuing along her merry way.  Perhaps Russell, pictured here shortly before her outburst, would get more privacy if she traded-in her "Waitress" uniform for a Barista Cap ...! 


deshelestraci said...

Well, she really told them...I'm sure they are still crying about it.

ab45yui said...

It is truly a vicious cycle with the photographers following a famous person's every move.  Whether people want to admit to it or not, we're the reason they are hassled to no end because we buy those rag magazines that grace the grocery market shelves.  I don't.  I won't give one red cent to them because I don't want to know about what they did or did not do.  I go to movies to be entertained and that should be enough.  Why do people have to take it to the obnoxious level and have to go outside the screen and know everything.  Anyway, I don't condone such ugly words coming out of Ms Russell's mouth, but I certainly understand why she'd be frustrated.  Give the lady some peace!

princesssaurora said...

I like the tables better than the counter!  Poor Keri... go home and have someone get you the Starbucks then... lol

be well,

beckiepainton said...

If i had a bunch of pilloks with a camera following me when i had just had a baby i would of ranted all the way down the street then get home, open the window and start again.maybe even pee on their heads  too.You go girl!!Beckie x

gazker said...

Love the new look, looks a little dark in there though. Maybe Starbucks is going it's bit for the environment. Maybe it's good you can't see what an apple fritter looks like when your eating it ;-)
Did you see any Starbucks in Japan?

solace223 said...

I didn't think she was still popular enough to be stalked by the paps.  I guess they really don't give a shit though as long as the photo gets some money.  

gdireneoe said...

Oh!  Change is a good thing.  Guess what III got this am?  FREEEEE Starbucks coffee.  Oh of the five "bucks here in town had "visitors".  A local Mercedes dealership is buying coffee all day today for EVERYONE that stops by that location.  Three very well put together representatives (covering just about every market) are stationed to greet and inform...and point out the three GORGEOUS Mercedes out in the parking lot.  Think I just might overdose today! ;)  C.