Friday, February 29, 2008



Stop the press!  A scandal was brewing at 7th and Montana this morning as word spread that an Anonymous Nogoodnik has been stealing newspapers from Our Favorite Starbucks.  Inside Sources report that the Nogoodnik-in-Question -- pictured here -- routinely "sneaks" into Starbucks, grabs a copy of The Los Angeles Times when he thinks no one is looking, and high-tails it to another cafe, where he spends the rest of the morning reading at his leisure.  "He's sly, but we're onto him," said one witness.  "One of these days we're going to catch him in the act."  Meanwhile, the Nogoodnik was last seen this morning hopping on a bicycle (presumably his own) and pedaling towards the 7-Eleven on Wilshire ...! 


princesssaurora said...

I was going to say maybe he couldn't afford a paper... but I guess if he is hanging out another cafe... he is just cheap!

be well,

bvaneps834 said...

sounds like the guy down here at the local "Whataburger" (Texas only--on just about about every corner)--not only did he take the paper, but a hand full of straws and a pocket full of creamers and sugar--oh yes, he took napkins too!

gazker said...

You may find it cut into little squares and hanging next to his toilet cistern...... He don't look like he can even afford loo roll to me.
Gaz ;-)

beckiepainton said...

give him an ASBO! Or write a nice meessage in the paper and leave it as bait, lol.Beckie x

deshelestraci said...


gdireneoe said...

I like what Becky said.  Just slip a little notesky in there..."This one's on us"...he'll get the point.  Say...wonder if he's related to the guy I read about in Pauline's journal (Paulines Country Tales)...the one who goes to their local fast food place; uses the free clear plastic drinking cups to drink water while he's eating; reaches in the trash and fishes out a used cup; fills it from the soda fountain, and...evidently...might be taking it home to his lovely.  Sicko. ;)  C.