Tuesday, June 3, 2008



Rumors were flying at 7th and Montana this morning as word spread that popular local Pooch, Einstein, is in rehab.  A spokesman quickly dismissed claims that the Beloved Bichone Frise was "going out too much" and called for fans to respect his privacy.  "Einstein has made a proactive decision to take care of his personal health," said one insider, "He's in a very positive frame of mind and is looking forward to making a positive change in his life."  According to Nat and Robin, Einstein is being treated for a torn ligament at California Animal Rehabilitation, a Doggie Rehab Center where therapeutic services range from Gentle Massages and Conditioning Exercises to Hydro-Therapy in a Customized Swim Tank.  "They're really working wonders," said Robin, "Einstein is doing great and he comes home after each treatment smelling like a Spa Dog ...!"


princesssaurora said...

Aww... glad Einstein is getting the pampering he deserves!

be well,

amy122389 said...

Mannn....I could use a daily massage, too!  Lucky dog!!  :-D


garnett109 said...

I wonder if there is rehab for disturbed hedgehogs?

mpnaz58 said...

Does Einstein not know he's a DOG??  Do you know that??  Some dogs/pets get more pampering than humans do!
xoxo ~Myra

frankandmary said...

I am sure Mr. Einstein's arguments have made many a person check into rehab. ~Mary

beckiepainton said...

einstien has a very troubled expression on his face.he thinks too much.beckie x