Sunday, June 1, 2008



It was a case of the Blind leading the Blonde this morning at 7th and Montana as Greg strapped his mother, Cathy, into the stroller normally reserved for his Toddler Son, Hudson.  Why?  Rumor has it he's just plain tired of changing diapers.  "Sometimes I wish I could go on hiatus," he joked, "What I wouldn't give for just a few days in a row without having to deal with excrement of any kind!"  Howard promptly set him straight.  "I'm sorry to tell you," he said, "but Shit Happens!"  Perhaps they should all watch Jude's new show, Real Simple, a collaboration between Real Simple magazine and the TLC cable network.  The new series, scheduled to begin airing this Summer, will feature what Jude calls "Lifestyle Makeovers," meaning that each week experts from Real Simple will help busy women from all walks of life simplify their lives.  "We're currently casting for the show," Jude said.  If you're interested in getting a Lifestyle Makeover, check it out:  Casting TLC's Real Simple.


deshelestraci said...

That's a funny picture!  The new show sounds interesting too.  

amy122389 said...

With a title like that, I was almost afraid to see the picture.  LOL


princesssaurora said...

Very funny pic!  And, very cool about the show!  I wish I was near CA!  You hang out with fun people, Marty!

be well,

beckiepainton said...

ooh thats the first time ive seen you swear :/0