Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It was a breath of fresh aria at 7th and Montana yesterday as Local Opera Loon Rigolatte was shown the door. "You can't approach our customers like that, you can't approach our staff like that," said the Starbucks manager on duty as she escorted him off the premises. My mind reeled. Rigolatte has pulled a number of stunts at Our Favorite Starbucks over the years. He's been known to lock himself in the rest room and belt out opera tunes for hours on end, cackle like a hyena for no apparent reason, and to flap his arms, run down 7th Street and squawk like a bird. In his more lucid moments, he goes from table to table handing out religious literature and, when he thinks no one is looking, he stuffs fistfulls of artificial sweetener into his coat pocket. So what, exactly got him kicked out of Starbucks? The world may never know ...!


Anonymous said...

This loon's days were numbered, it was just a matter of time,that someone at your Starbucks got sick and tired of his obnoxious Solo acts and took control of the immediate situation.
Bravo, Bravo.(clap,clap)

emikk said...

Hopefully, he won't come up to Santa Cruz and plaque us here!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sweet victory.