Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween is the trickiest day of the year at 7th and Montana ... and I don't mean that in the "trick or treat" sense of the word. It's virtually impossible to tell who is wearing a costume and who isn't. The fun began this morning when a large woman walked by carrying a Gargantuan Walking Stick that made her look like Yoda on the Planet Dagobah. We couldn't tell if she was disguised as a Yeti or a Yentl. Then came a dead ringer for ex-Dodgers Manager Joe Torre (pictured above). I was going to compliment him on his costume, but am pretty sure it actually was Joe Torre. Next up was Rigolatte, the local Opera Loon with a Holier than Thou attitude (pictured below). He left no question about his disguise. "I AM THE SON OF GOD!," He bellowed, "I WAS BORN UNDER THE SIGN OF THE CROSS AND I AM TO BE WORSHIPPED!" He walked right into Our Favorite Starbucks, accepted a Holy Offering in the form of artificial sweetener, and disappeared down 7th Street, giggling all the way. But the winner of this year's costume contest, hands down, was a woman first discovered by Neighbor Hunter. "Look everyone," he yelled, "There's a Pirate!" Sure enough, a woman drove by wearing a patch over one eye. I was about to yell "Ahoy, Matey," when it became clear that she was no pirate ... just a woman with an eye problem. She glared at Hunter out of her good eye with such venom I was afraid he might have to walk the plank ...!


emikk said...

Righoletti: before Abraham is he? and does he know every sparrow that falls? and finally, does he throw pearls before swine?

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

That would be a problem in your neck of the woods.