Thursday, August 2, 2007



It was raining Work-a-Holics this morning at 7th and Montana as one high-powered executive after another made the scene.  The fun began when an Anonymous Duo pulled up a table inches away from me and began loudly conducting what sounded like a job interview.  "I'm basically a People Person," said the woman with her back to me, "I'm the ultimate Team Player."  I stifled a laugh as she went on to complain very loudly about her current employer -- one of the major movie studios -- for stifling her creative potential.  "I need to spread my wings," she droned on.  Meanwhile, in other local news, Robin announced that she is working at home today and Dr. Natalie starts her new job in the Emergency Room at St. John's Hospital!


tenyearnap said...

Holy people really SAY that?? I'm a people person....HAHAAAHA. Man, I am so glad that I now work at home....ALONE....I am so NOT a People Person. Plus, I can work naked, barefoot, in the jacuzzi...I'm npt wearing any underwear right now. Oops, TMI! --Cin

gazker said...

I like Cin, ain't wearing any knickers either! If I was interveiwing her, she would'nt have got the job........... Silly Cow ;-)
PS, Cin said TMI, what does that mean guys?

beckiepainton said...

aha now i know not what to say at my interview today!LOL!bECKIE X

mpnaz58 said...

Team player, people person, bashing her current employer??!!  Three cardinal sins...and in public!!  You have some blackmail info here :)  I'll have to keep my voice down next time I visit the neighborhood Starbucks...lest anyone is listening!!
xoxo ~myra