Saturday, August 4, 2007



Another Happy-go-Lucky Goofball joined the crowd at 7th and Montana today, cracking jokes and giving new meaning to the term "August Presence" with his heavy down vest and hooded sweatshirt in 75-degree heat.  "Good morning," I cried in an obvious effort to distract him long enough to get a candid photo.  "Why Good Morning," he replied.  "Are you on your way to Church?"  He went on to explain that my "clean cut" appearance could only mean one thing:  I was heading to Church.  As one observer put it, "He's really full of crap, isn't he?"  Indeed, perhaps he's another case for Dr. Natalie, who discovered this week that some locals show up again and again to the Emergency Room to be "Dis-Impacted," meaning -- as I understand it -- that a Doctor removes the crap from them "piece by piece."  I guess it's true what they say, "With friends like Natalie, you don't need Enemas ...!" 


gazker said...

I have heard of that before, dare I say, it 'stems' from a bad diet. I bet Dr Natalie, makes an impact on all of em!
Gaz ;-)

bvaneps834 said...

Not only do they go to the ER---but some goofballs like to call the night supervisor and give details of their experiences with enamata's---I guess that is a mental illness of sorts.!!

tenyearnap said...

Love the title -- enema of the state. hahaa --Cin

kattytrick said...

LoL...I'll have you know, that through out this lively longgggg day. My job was made infinately more interesting by simply divideding into two groups thoes who would vhemently make incipient demands of  my time...A. Impacted...and...B. ...Dis-Impacted.....Attitude is everything sometimes, and today we had enough contestants to hold a pagent!...It was just one of "thoes" days I guess....Thanks for making it oh-so-much-better!

mpnaz58 said...

So, literally, he's full of it!!  Maybe that makes his body temp go down, and he gets cold...or he just those new duds...and had to show them off!
xoxo ~Myra