Sunday, August 5, 2007



Teeth were bared and fur was flying as a Doggone Idiot let his dog roam free at 7th and Montana this morning.  The fun began when the dog -- a German Shepherd mix -- bounded right over to Our Favorite Sheepdog Charlie who, predictably, went into Attack Mode.  To add insult to near injury, not only did the owner of the Shepherd have a leash with him, but he moved in slow motion, hovering nearby while Richard restrained an increasingly ferocious Charlie.  Finally, Richard -- himself practically foaming at the mouth -- stated the obvious:  "Would you please put your dog on a leash?!?  Charlie is unpredictable with other dogs!"  The Shepherd was last seen bounding into traffic at the intersection of 7th and Montana.  Meanwhile, it seems somehow ironic that the incident occurred two days after tragedy struck at the nearby home of Actor Ving Rhames, where a caretaker died after being mauled by a pair of Bull Mastiffs.  All is quiet today at the Rhames home on San Vicente but a sign posted on the front gate -- "Beware of Dog" -- speaks louder than words.


tenyearnap said...

I hate it when a peaceful time is shattered by an unleashed dog. That is so rude! Doggone Idiot needs to be the one pushed into the traffic. Grrrr.
OMG...Bull mastiffs are huge. My mother had one when I was a baby and toddler and I have seen photos of my toddler self sitting with a dog whose head just fits in the picture...and that head is larger than I am.

gazker said...

I read about that in the papers over here. You would think after what happened they guy would have leashed his dog! Well maybe not, he sounds as thick as shit!
Gaz ;-)

stupidsheetguy said...

We're supposed to be smarter than dogs, but with some people. I really wonder.

That story about the Rhames estate gave me chills

acoward15 said...

Never underestimate an idiot!

mpnaz58 said...

Um, thats why there are leash laws...!!  I'm all for man's best friend, but when the owner lets his pet infringe on other people, thats where I draw the line.
xoxo ~Myra

beckiepainton said...

methinks they need to be leashed to one another!Beckie x