Tuesday, October 9, 2007



Poor Dennis was squinting up a storm yesterday at 7th and Montana as he tried to perform "emergency surgery" on his reading glasses using a knife.  "I'm caught in the ultimate Catch 22 situation," he said, "I can hardly see these tiny little screws without my glasses!"  Indeed, the screws were tiny, much smaller than the knife he was using as a makeshift screwdriver.  Then, again -- no offense to Dennis -- but anyone who would try to fix their glasses with a knife might have a few screws loose to begin with ...! 


tenyearnap said...

I tried to use a plastic knife once. It doesn't work. Thanks for reminding me to make an eye appointment. --Cin

gazker said...

I think poor Dennis has been well and truly screwed, he needs to get a refund and some lazer treatment.

Gaz ;-)

bvaneps834 said...

In spite of three accidents in the last three years and remembering the horrid traffic in the LA area, I still might get brave enough to go to CA to see my relatives and your Starbucks! Poor Dennis--I have been in the same fix and think if I go to CA I do have a few loose screws!  barb

princesssaurora said...

LOL... poor Dennis... quite the conundrum!

be well,

ab45yui said...

I hate it when my glasses break, lol.  I never seem to have the eye repair kit on hand - and he's right, if you can't see to fix it - it doesn't help too much - no matter what size instrument you try and use.  My problem too is that I have a slight tremor.  It is hereditary with the females in our family.  We used to kid it was the men in our lives that make us tremor but people will ask me if I am nervous and I'm actually calm, lol.  Just a lil shakin going on is all.

beckiepainton said...

i once broke my sunglasses right before going out to a barbecue on a very sunny day. i found some superglue but the lid was jammed, so i got a highlighting needle( you pull hair through a cap its hooked on the end) and stabbed the top.Although i missed and got it stuck in my finger, had to go to a+e and have it cut out, they gave me about 30 injections as my finger refused to go numb! ouch. Then all the nurses thought i was a hairdresser, when i explained what happenend i felt so dumb.Oh well you live and learn! Beckie x