Monday, October 29, 2007



The crowd at Our Favorite Starbucks was Singing the Blues this morning as word spread that the Monstrosity Under Construction at 7th and San Vicente -- better known as Casa del Bozo for its resemblance to a circus attraction -- has been painted an Eye-Popping shade of "Periwinkle Blue."  "It can't be," said one local resident, "What are they trying to do, blind us?!?"  Actually, I've done some research on the architect, Jennifer Wen, and it appears that she's simply trying to get our attention.  According to her website, her mission is "to create uplifting architecture that profoundly influences people's everyday lives."  Congratulations, Ms. Wen, you've profoundly influenced us.  The question, however, isn't "Wen" but "Why."  For the love of God, "Why ...?!?"   


princesssaurora said...

LOL... Yes, why???  It looks like it belongs in South Beach.  Maybe that is her goal???  LOL

be well,

gazker said...

I had no idea that Periwinkle Blue was in vogue again!
Gaz ;-)

tenyearnap said...

Did they paint over the rusty metal, too? This place is getting more and more bizarre. --Cin

beckiepainton said...

resembles a smurf mansion.Or a blob of blu-tack.Beckie x

kattytrick said...

I absolutily LOVE your sense of humor and wit Marty...your interpreation of most any situation always has that special little twist to it all your own....And I gotta tell ya baby!,...SEA SHELLS !, yah,...I predict next will be sea shells... Probably bordering around the top of each and every wall... in rows of two ...slanted in oppeseat directions, like this //// and this \\\\...( okay, I'll stop) ...WAIT !!! or maybe she'll just add "Wen" chimes, ha-HA !( made of Sea Shells of course)...ta-ta....kit