Monday, October 15, 2007



Eyes were popping yesterday as the so-called Lizard Lady returned to Our Favorite Starbucks with her reptile in tow.  Once again, Robin was on the scene and sent me a photo, this time of the Reptile-in-Question sipping what appears to be a cup of coffee through a straw.  While I wasn't there to witness the event, I've heard directly from the Lizard Lady herself who stumbled across my blog and was kind enough to offer a few corrections.  First of all, the Lizard Lady has a name:  It's Susan.  Her reptile -- an Australian Bearded Dragon -- is named Sophia.  As Susan puts it, Sophia "trundles around kind of like a dinosaur, with her body lifted off the ground ... and because she's indoors most of the time, she really enjoys sitting at Starbucks with me, getting some real sun and looking at the birds, butterflies and cars that pass by."  Susan:  Please forgive me for ever suggesting you were "eccentric."  I guess I was speaking with a Forked Tongue ...!


princesssaurora said...

Wow!  Very cool!  Thank you for sharing Susan and giving us more info!  Sophia is quite a connoseur (sp) of coffee!  Yay!

be well,

tenyearnap said...

Sophia is adorable. I'm glad she gets out to mingle with folks. I just looked up that book that she and Susan are reading and that sounds good, too...about cholera. But surely Sophia doesn't really drink coffee...does she? --Cin

susansophia said...

Hi there...

No, Sophia doesn't drink coffee...but Robin and/or Kathy...not sure which one captured this phot...sure got a good one.  Sophia's a vegetarian primarily who likes arugula and sweet potatos...and the occasional cricket :)~

Thanks for the updated blog, Marty, and thanks for the nice comments from everyone.  Sophia is a sweet pet, interested in her surroundings (at home she rests her head on the window ledge and stares at everything all day) and likes to snuggle in the down quilt on my bed at night.  

See you all soon at 'bucks!


bvaneps834 said...

I would love to have a pet like that. We can't have a dog where we live in the winter, but a big lizard like sophia would be great. Where do you get one? Of course my husband would probably have a fit of some sort if I let it snuggle in our bed!

acoward15 said...

I much prefer to see people walking round with lizards than goths and emos parading rats in public.

gazker said...

I know an Austrailian bearded dragon who goes by the name of Martha, she hates coffee though.
Gaz ;-)

mpnaz58 said...

She probably then sips the coffee after Sophie has taken a few swigs!!  I hate when people do that with their pets...kinda unsanitary don't you think?  And a lizard, no less!
xoxo ~myra

susansophia said...

Ha, no swigging after the pet...ewww!  And, she doesn't drink was a photo op :)

Regarding snuggling in the bed...that's before sleep:  Don't want to squish the girl!

Hey, I'm writing to you from Paris just now!  Back in a couple weeks.