Thursday, October 11, 2007



A Happy-go-Lucky Newcomer -- "Mr. Jiggity" -- arrived on the scene at Our Favorite Starbucks this morning, dancing and swaying to his own peculiar beat as he stood in line.  Perhaps he was hoping to audition for Dancing With The Stars Host Tom Bergeron, another regular at 7th and Montana.  Or maybe he had Restless Leg Syndrome.  Either way, I doubt that the two cups of coffee he ordered improved his performance!


princesssaurora said...

LOL... Mr Jiggity!  I like that!  I LOVE Tom Bergeron!!!  He is my fave... he just is so normal and down to earth on th shows he hosts!!!!   Tell him he has a huge fan in NJ!  My hubby too!   If you are on speaking terms that is!  LOL  

He is why I started watching Dancing with the Stars... I got hooked!!!

be well,

frankandmary said...

Requip is pretty good for RLS but coffee sure isn't! ~Mary

mpnaz58 said...

LOL...mambo, anyone?  
xoxo ~Myra

gazker said...

Dancing and swaying to his own peculiar beat as he stood in line. Listening to that metronome in his mind.
Oh yeah, swing it Mr Jiggity!

Gaz ;-)

beckiepainton said...

ive got a old man who comes in my shop who hums little tunes and says 'bom bom bom' alot.Maybe they should get together! Beckie x

tenyearnap said...

I'm starting to wonder if folks are reading your blog and then running into Starbucks, acting nutty, just to get an entry. --Cin