Wednesday, November 7, 2007



An Angry Entrepreneur made the scene today at 7th and Montana, intent on slapping everyone in his path with a Nasty Lawsuit.  While I was quietly trying to read my newspaper in peace, the Entrepreneur-in-Question sat nearby, plotting what sounded like the Granddaddy of All Lawsuits in a tone of voice loud enough to wake Clarence Darrow.  As near as I can tell, his business venture failed thanks to a combination of "lazy good-for-nothings" and "slimeballs" ... all of whom are "part of the suit."  Naturally, I beat a hasty retreat before he could call me to testify.  I'll take Coffee Grounds over Legal Grounds any day ...!


tenyearnap said...

Oh yeh, it's always someone ELSE'S fault with those kind of guys. You hear that a lot in prison, too. Boo, freakin' Hoo, Boy Named Sue. --Cin

princesssaurora said...

Glad you blocked out his face!  Otherwise who knows what lawsuit would find you!  LOL

be well,

acoward15 said...

Nice to see you've hidden his identity in case he tries to slap one on you.

gazker said...

I didn't know you'd hidden him, I thought you'd paint balled him! Good riddance too.
Gaz ;-)

beckiepainton said...

Who puked on his face, hope they hsd just eaten an apple fritter.Beckie x

mpnaz58 said...

Whats that on his face??  There should be a law against that!!
xoxo ~Myra