Friday, November 23, 2007



Puppy Love was in the air at 7th and Montana today as a pair of Airedale Terriers made the scene, barking up a storm as they drove by in what appeared to be a Chauffeur-Driven SUV.  As if to show his disdain, Toby, Our Favorite Cocker Spaniel, turned a deaf ear to the proceedings and instead focused his full attention on Zoey, a Tibetan Terrier with Better Breeding.  Meanwhile, rumor has it that Charlie, the Irascible Sheepdog, has chewed up and spit out yet another Trainer.  The Trainer-in-Question -- having administered heavy doses of Aromatherapy, Soothing Music and Gentle Whispers to no avail -- now says that Charlie needs drugs.  Quick, pass the Puppy Prozac ...!


princesssaurora said...

LOL... too funny!  Oops... mood music doesn't work, get the prozac!  LOL

be well,

ab45yui said...

I love airdales, LOL.  My mother used to have a couple years back.  One was very smart, and the other the exact opposite, but both very lovable!  I guess the owner did not notice her dogs misbehavior since she obviously is too busy chatting on her cell phone!  

stupidsheetguy said...

LOL, great story. I have a Toby of my own who, endearing as he can be, sure knows how to press the buttons.

Great photos!

gazker said...

No little piles of apple fritters on the ground then?
Gaz ;-)

kattytrick said...

Poor Charlie!...maybe he just needs a buddy...or a girlfriend!...kit

beckiepainton said...

maybe they should go to doggy yoga, or just keep off the coffee! Bekcie x