Monday, November 26, 2007



Kudos to Kathy who left our safe surroundings at 7th and Montana today to join the likes of American Gangster Steven Zaillian in the picket line at 20th Century Fox.  The Screenwriters are on strike against the studios in an effort to ensure that they get their fair share of the profit when their work is redistributed on DVD and the Internet.  However, in a stroke of irony, while Kathy was protesting against the "Aggressive, Moneygrubbing, Pompous, Trash-Talking, Profiteers" at AMPTP (the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers), I was quietly crossing the picket line for a lunch meeting in the executive dining room with my "moneygrubbing" friends.  I just hope Kathy doesn't send any American Gangsters after me ...! 


susansophia said...

Right on, Kathy!  I used to work for the AMPTP when I first came to LA...didn't understand its purpose then...all I knew was I had a foot-stomping, prone-to-tantrums (literally) petite lawyer for a boss who threw one tantrum too many and I quit.  I would like to see the studios respect their talent...the writers and their scripts provide the material that draws big name talent and their words provide pleasure, education, insight...

mpnaz58 said... line crosser, you!
xoxo ~Myra

princesssaurora said...

You are a brave man!  LOL  

The writers totally have a point...  Do you know... are they even having talks?

be well,

tenyearnap said...

Great sign, Kathy. --Cin

gazker said...

We're lucky, it hasn't hit Coronation street yet.
Gaz ;-)

beckiepainton said...

and i suppose eastenders is safe!!Lol.Beckie x