Friday, April 3, 2009


Intrigue was brewing at 7th and Montana yesterday as a Hysterical Woman made the scene, screeching into her cell phone at the top of her lungs. Regrettably, I missed it, but Screenwriter Nat was quick to clue me in. "Oh man," he said, "I wish you were there ... this woman kept screaming like a banshee into her cell phone. You would have loved it!" Evidently, the Banshee was trying to locate someone ... most likely a person she had never met before ... someone who had agreed to meet her at Our Favorite Starbucks and probably told her he would be wearing a Brown Baseball Cap. But, alas, some things just aren't meant to be. The more the Banshee screamed, the less likely she was to find her man. She was long gone by the time I arrived, but in her place was a Nondescript Man (pictured above) wearing a Brown Baseball Cap. I tried several times to get his attention but he obviously couldn't hear me. Sounds like a case of Acute Acoustic Trauma if you ask me ...!


Beth said...

Oh, banshee screaming is never good. I think you're lucky you missed it!

Lynne said...

I concur with Beth! Why would anyone want to meet someone that would obviously banshee yell at them in person? No way!

garnett109 said...

A banshee usually is screaming over a dying or dead person