Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hang on to your hats, folks, something's brewing at 7th and Montana but it isn't the coffee. A "teaser" sign at Our Favorite Starbucks this morning announced that VIA™ -- a mysterious, new product -- will arrive in just six days. "What's VIA?," I asked an inside source who requested anonymity in order to speak freely. "VIA," he said, "Is our take on Folger's Crystals ... it's instant coffee." I paused momentarily, stiffling what Folger's might consider a Mountain Groan. "You mean to tell me you'll be selling packets of instant coffee, a kind of Sanka for the new Millennium?," I asked. "Not at all," said my informant, "It'll be absolutely delicious. Let me rephrase that, VIA is more than scrumptous. It's scrump-de-lee-icious!" According to the Starbucks website, VIA is "not instant coffee as you know it ... it's rich, flavorful, Starbucks coffee in an instant." Hmmmmmm ... It's not Instant Coffee. It's Coffee in an Instant. I'll bet it took the folks on Madison Avenue just an instant to come up with that one ...!


emikk said...

so it's like an un-stant instant coffee. Maybe it'll go good with their oatmeal.

Beth said...

Isn't it kind of defeating the purpose to sell instant coffee at a Starbuck's? Hmm.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I subscribe to Starbucks coffee via mail order, and they sent the "powdered" version, and it is not bad.